1. Fairyland Minifee Mir and Mika Fullsets

    Sad to say, this is one of the very rare times when I am disappointed with one of my favorite doll companies. Most bjd already have pretty big heads but when put with the MOE line boy body these boys look so bobble headed and award that they are for from MOE for me.

    Doesn’t help that their face sculpts don’t look as MOE as the line is supposed to me. They look kinda mature to me in every sense down to their bedroom eyes.

    Not my cup of tea but you might like them.

  2. 娃娃是死的,人是活的。那里不喜欢可以自己动手去改改。

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    Common sense…

    …is not something you see in this fandom often.

  4. Like chill

    Maybe Holly’s hair can grow longer and shorter at will… and her dolly here decided to have it shorter so that she won’t have it all tangled up.

    I hope it makes you feel better Washed-Up-Merman and you don’t have to leave sad messages in your reblogs of my posts anymore.

  5. All I am thinking right now regarding those who hate the O’Hair sisters is “GREAT! THAT IS ONE LESS COMPETITOR FOR THEM!”


    Shut the fuck up.
    There’s like me and two other people who don’t like her.

    Lol Make me? Seriously you’re doing us a favor so why are you getting so worked up for? We can’t thank you enough for your non-participation in our fight for these two dolls. So 3 of your don’t like her? that’s 3 less competitors. Thanks for the info.

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    Except for maybe Invisibilly and possibly Manny+Iris, I think I’m done with collecting Monster High. It’s too expensive to collect both EAH and MH and with school, a car, and potentially an apartment in the coming year(s) I don’t think I can afford both. I love EAH so much more and I’m more passionate about collecting those than I am with MH. 

    Farewell, Monster High.

    This! But i will probably still get the basics of new MH dolls ..

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    Here are they! 2014 is gonna be a very expensive year

  8. All I am thinking right now regarding those who hate the O’Hair sisters is “GREAT! THAT IS ONE LESS COMPETITOR FOR THEM!”

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    New promo pics!

    Lizzie is short, like Maddie!!!

    GOOD BYE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! DEXDEXDEXDEXDEXDEX!!!!!!!!! LIZZIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! O’HAIRS!!!!!! And my beloved Hat-tastic Maddiedoodles! Cedar too <3

  10. My Face Ups / Customs

    From oldest to latest.

    Skull Shores Ghoulia is my first ever custom. I gave her acrylic eyes and eye lashes.

    Kurhn also has acrylic eyes and painted on lashes. She has a re-root with heat resistant blue hair.

    Dead Tired Abbey has acrylic eyes, lashes and a soft face up. She is wearing a 13 Wishes outfit.

    Lagoona Selkie Custom has brown acrylic eyes, lashes and a re-root with mohair from a damaged bjd wig.

    Dead Tired Ghoulia has blue acrylic eyes and lashes. I had wanted to try some lace stickers as stencil.

    Twyla is a factory reject head on an Operetta body. The match is not perfect but it doesn’t bother me much. This is the first time I tried acrylic paint for eyes.

    Cerise is repainted into Wolf-Cerise with fiercer eyebrows and yellow eyes. I widened her eyes a little so that her eyes look fiercer and so that her eyes are no longer so high up on her face

    Scream Spirit Frankie had her bangs removed and is waiting for hair to arrive for a partial re-root. I had wanted to try the kind of eyes found on a bunka doll on her.

    Classroom Lagoona is an Ophelia custom. I have always loved the name Ophelia and her tragic story. I repainted her to look like she drowned and she is inspired by Sir John Everett Millais’ painting titled Ophelia.