1. KYARY PAMYU PAMYU Nanda Tour Concert in Singapore!
    My sis got those costumes customed!
    The girls had fun at the concert too! And we got to shake hands with Kyaryyyyy~

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    Pretty traditional outfit~

    Pretty traditional outfit~


    So I bought this 60cm vinyl doll from taobao last month and it arrived today! (I opted for sea shipping)
    They are a cheaper alternative to bjds.

    Packaging: The Night Lolita doll comes in a deluxe box which includes two sets one clothing and a pair of shoes and the doll itself. The box is huge. But as usual everything goes through so much flattening and wear during shipping from China. My poor doll’s face was squashed… I might try boiling her head to give her back her shape…

    She stands quite well out of the box but isnt as stable as our resin bjds.

    Posing and Articulation:
    She has 15 articulation points and is double jointed. Her joints are made up of hinges. But her head is strung using elastic. Her arms and legs are also rotable so that she can pose pretty well.

    There are two types of Night Lolita heads. This one is the newer Yuri head which is cuter and looks more like your usual bjd. She has a very simple face up and pearly coral lips. Her eyes are acrylic and are put in her head like a bjd’s. I will be removing her face up and repainting her. The problem is that there is no opening at the back of her head for me to change her eyes. I would have to cut her head open. I would be shaving off some vinyl to change her eye shape too.

    Her clothes are well detailed but the material is pretty thin and cheap. The shoes are pretty well made as well. Pretty much like what we get from the usual bjd shops in taobao.
    The shop I ordered her from offered an additional outfit+wig+shoes so I got 3 outfits two wigs and two pairs of shoes with the doll.

    The wig quality is not as good as that of normal bjds. The hair strands tend to tangle easily and are quite fine. Pretty much like monster high/barbie hair.

    As a whole I am quite pleased with the doll. I paid around $55 usd for her and everything she comes with. I wouldn’t mind buying another as I saw another girl that I like.

    Ps tagging bjd because people might be interested in her.

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"The two sisters were united again, and nothing could ever split them apart…" 🌸💕🌸💕
Holly & Poppy O’Hair™

I dont know why but the word split-ends came to mind…


    "The two sisters were united again, and nothing could ever split them apart…" 🌸💕🌸💕

    Holly & Poppy O’Hair™

    I dont know why but the word split-ends came to mind…

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    So anyway I am still pissed off at a certain community of doll people who acts like they should police a fucking tag. 

    Once again, people tag things on their blog so that they could find their posts easily the next time. So basically bitches should learn how to IGNORE what they don’t like and get on with their pissy little lives without having to give others shit just because their stupid little self who is full of some sort of self importance want to make their irrelevant opinion known. 

    Like fuck off little bitches I can’t care less that your ego is hurt just because someone else doesn’t like something that you like. 

    I am not harming anyone with my comments on MY OWN blog, but you are giving me a headache with your pathetic search for attention. Which I had no intention of giving you. 

    I really don’t get what is with some doll owners and their emotionally needy selves. All these little bitches trying to seek approval from others. 

    Funny how I was being called rude when these bunch of little pompous bitches came all uninvited and yelling onto my post first with their self-appointed importance and trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. 

    Besides who died and gave you the permission to call people out on what YOU think is wrong. Have your own opinions but don’t shove them where they aren’t wanted. e.g. In someone else’s post. 

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    Ok now I will finally start saving for my Doll Chateau Elizabeth… then NO MORE NEW DOLLS. 

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    What the fuck

    is a dolly senpai.

    It sounds stupid and act cute as fuck… 

    Like… nope… 

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    Maleficent was disappointing

    I have never been this disappointed at a disney show.

    Well I think Jolie did a good job… Elle looks like a little piggy… 

    Prince Phillip was a stupid character.

    I do like some parts of the visuals but I HATE the 3 fairies.

    But things like the script and the pacing of the story totally sucked…too fast in areas that need more time and too slow for parts where it isn’t needed.

    I did kind of already predicted that the true love’s kiss will come from Maleficent though. 

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    I finally have a little girl againnnnnnnn